The Boucher Legacy

Since 2012, the Boucher Legacy has been at the forefront of conservation in Africa. We have spent years working with individuals and organisations who journey with us to guard our wildlife and who share our vision to ensure that generations to come, get to experience the beauty of wildlife in real life. Our focal point has always been safeguarding pangolins, rhinos, wild dogs, elephants, cheetahs and lions, through our three key pillars – prosecution, conservation, and education. These remain our priorities alongside a renewed strategic vision for 2023 and beyond, which includes an auction, increased visibility within the Kruger National Park and a golf event.

Our three main priorities are the tracking and protection of the rhino, African wild dog, and pangolin. Under this core focus, we aim to relocate and collar African wild dogs as well as participate in snare removals, distempering, and rabies check-ups. 

Our rhino tracking and protection programme includes growing a DNA database alongside Dr Cindy Harper rhino collaring, tracking and dehorning, as well as orphan support. Similarly, our pangolin project includes pangolin rehabilitation, release into the wild and telemetry tracking.

Through your support, we are able to carry out our projects with great care and conviction. Your donations leave a mark on conservation and change the trajectory of the lives of countless animals. Donate today and join us in the urgent fight to protect and preserve the precious lives of endangered mammals.



Working together to support conservation