17 Feb
  • By The Boucher Legacy


Thanks to your generous donations, and the support of the African Pangolin Working Group, we achieved a remarkable feat: the successful rescue and release of nine precious pangolins into their natural habitat. These scaly mammals are not just survivors, they are the heart of African wildlife, and your donations played a vital part in keeping them alive. With your contributions, we tracked them using telemetry units, and as we celebrate World Pangolin Day again, we wanted to reflect on the remarkable journey of the pangolins whose progress we have tracked.

Tuli is full of surprises – she was rescued from the illegal trade by DCPI (the Hawks) and the Benoni SAPS K9 unit, and upon close observation, she stunned everyone with pregnancy and the promise of new life within her!

Cosmo – “The King of Second Chances” fought through ear and foot infections. His perseverance paid off, and 162 days after his rescue on 23 December 2022, Cosmo emerged victorious – a testament to his fighting spirit.

Midnight’s journey took a twist after being retrieved from the illegal wildlife trade. The scarcity of ants, as winter transitioned to summer, led to him losing weight. He stayed resilient as ever though and his progress is currently still being monitored.

When Robyn was rescued, she weighed a mere 5.8 kg. Too vulnerable to fend for herself, Robyn needed to reach 6.5 or 7 kg for her scales to provide adequate protection in the wild. She rose to the challenge, quickly finding anthills, which led to her being called “The Huntress”.

Ditsi is another pangolin who is full of surprises. Initially named Dithlong, meaning “Shy One”. She transformed into a beloved and confident pangolin. Mud-bathing and swimming videos of Ditsi have captivated hearts worldwide, viewed 102,000 times on social media.

Stevie, “The Teacher”, was named after the investigating officer who saved him from illegal trade. Stevie was nicknamed “The Teacher” because of the lessons he taught his caregivers through his everyday actions and playfulness.

Elektra is a true fighter. This tough pangolin survived being electrocuted on a fence line with horrific burn wounds to her left arm and her back. Thanks to our dedicated team, and your support, she is under intensive care.

A sting operation aimed to catch a poacher led to the miraculous rescue of Simon, another pangolin who defied the odds. Simon was underweight and hungry from his ordeal but was gently brought back to health. Thanks to telemetry units, researchers can keep a watchful eye on Simon, his friend Goose, and many more pangolins! 

Each of these nine pangolins, with their unique stories, represent a beacon of hope and a testament to the impact of your support. As we celebrate World Pangolin Day, let’s cherish these tales of triumph, ensuring that the scales of our scaly friends continue to shimmer for generations to come. Thank you for being a part of this extraordinary journey. Kindly visit our donate page and continue to support these incredible creatures and other endangered mammals: