Three rhinos are poached every day in South Africa.
If we’re going to save them, we have to act now.

Place our rhino in safe hands. Support The Boucher Legacy today.


Rhinos are part of our national heritage. They belong to all South Africans and it is our responsibility to protect them.


R10 million

The Boucher Legacy is aiming to raise R10 million. Big goals include - collaring of all Africa Wild Dog packs in the Greater Kruger National Park, ongoing rehabilitation of Pangolins, working to develop high tech tracking monitoring for endangered mammals, ongoing monitoring and protection of Rhino as a key species.
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Ways you can support the Boucher Legacy

Become an agent of change

Help us to educate the world that the senseless murdering of Rhino for their horn which is made of keratin, essentially the same as our human fingernails, is just unacceptable! We really need to stop the poaching of Rhino in Africa, the last outpost for this beautiful animal for the sake of our children’s children and future generations to follow.