Donne Commins

Donné Commins is qualified as an attorney. After moving out of the formal legal sector, she immediately joined Octagon Sports Marketing, an international agency, where she spent 4 years managing professional SA cricketers and The Proteas (SA cricket team). She has a passion for people and the things that make them tick, and started her own agency in conjunction with her legal practice. Here, for a period of 15 years she managed some of SA’s top cricketers including Mark Boucher After Donné and Mark had remained friends throughout Boucher’s years at the top level of cricket, it was with great excitement that she was invited to work with him in setting up the Boucher Legacy and helping him achieve his dream of contributing to conservation efforts in South Africa. Commins’ passion for people has taken her back to the place where so many people find themselves – amongst our natural heritage and the animals which form such an integral part of it.