28 Jan
  • By The Boucher Legacy

Kudu Awards 2019

SanPark’s Kudu Awards was conceptualised in 2003 as a way for SANParks to recognise and reward excellence in conservation by individuals and organisations who are not directly associated with the national parks systems, but who contribute significantly to conservation and environmental protection and education.

The Kudu Awards is SanPark’s way of saying thank you to external and internal stakeholders for their contributions and efforts in making SANParks a better organisation.

At the end of 2019 The Boucher Legacy team were honoured to be nominated as the non-profit Corporation Contributor for 2019.

For us at The Boucher Legacy, winning a Kudu Award shows that we are doing a good job – which is an amazing acknowledgement of our work. We all want future generations to witness the beauty of our wildlife and it is so important that there are so many people and organisations working together to make a difference. For everyone who was nominated for an award, we feel it is amazing so see so many people all trying to solve the conservation problem in South Africa. Well done everyone!


Read the official SANParks Kudu Awards press release here: SANParks Kudu Awards Press Release